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Project Workforce

The latest from the Chamber, our members, and Jefferson County

Project Workforce

Project Workforce

The Chamber is excited to announce a new comprehensive program to help improve, grow and strengthen the local workforce. “Project Workforce” has many facets with the first phase being to improve the connection between local businesses and quality job candidates. Its other goals are to assist established businesses with long-term succession planning and/or the sale of their business and actively engage high school and college students (our future workforce) in career planning, entrepreneurship, soft skill development, volunteerism, mentorships, shadowing opportunities and more.

As we navigate through stressful and uncertain times, its crucial that job and workforce issues remain a high priority. The Chamber and its Education & Workforce Development Committee will continue to grow this program and we encourage you to provide input, ideas and support when possible. If you are interested in joining this important committee, call the Chamber offices at 740.282.6226.

Part 1. The Chamber Job Bank

When a member submits their job opening information to the Chamber they will receive the following support at no charge:

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