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Have You Considered A Mystery Shopping Program At Your Business?

As the holiday shopping season looms on the horizon, now’s the time to make sure your customer service is top notch.  The Chamber is excited to announce, “Customer First”, a mystery shopping program that is affordable, easy to implement and can provide crucial information to our local business owners and managers.

If you’re not familiar with mystery shopping services, you’re not alone. Many small businesses either have not heard of them or believe they are too expensive to utilize and not important enough to explore. In short, mystery shoppers are hired to pose as shoppers to assess your business operations. They discreetly and professionally perform a specific set of tasks such as purchasing a product or service, returning a product, registering a complaint, asking questions of sales reps, contacting your business by phone, and other related assignments.  The business owner or manager completes a short survey prior to the visits to outline what information they are interested in gathering. Afterward, the business is provided with a comprehensive, confidential summary report that outlines the results.  You may use it in a variety of ways; from rewarding employees who stand out to putting training and policies in place to remedy problem areas. Phone shops are also available to help ensure that all calls to your company are being handled politely and professionally.

In essence, a mystery shopping program will provide objective quantitative and qualitative feedback about the experience that the shopper had at your business. From their feedback, you are able to determine if your employees are living up to the standards you’ve set for them and if they’re following company procedures and practices on a regular basis and/or when the owner or manager is not present.

Promote local shopping by making the decision to patronize your business an easy one.  Utilize the chamber’s new program to get an honest, all-encompassing view of an actual customer experience.  Click here for more information and pricing or contact the chamber offices at 740.282.6226.