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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Chamber!

It has been a trying and challenging year for everyone, one that we never would have imagined at this time last year.

The determination, patience, and resourcefulness of the local business community in 2020 is to be applauded. You rallied and persevered, exercising the entrepreneurial muscle needed to survive in a harsh and ever-changing environment.

No one knows what’s in store for 2021, but I’m confident that we will continue to learn, grow, and connect. And maybe we all will have gained something from our challenges – better perspective, an appreciation for the small things, more humility or just the comfort of feeling like you were part of a community who could lean on each other.

May you and your family have a joyful and safe holiday season. If you have lost someone this year, as many have, please know that our thoughts are with you and we hope you find peace in knowing that family, friends and fellow members share in your loss.

Happy Holidays,

Tricia Maple-Damewood
Chamber President