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Jefferson County Government

Jefferson County Courthouse

Jefferson County Commissioners

Jane Hanlin

Prosecuting Attorney

Phone: 740.283.1966

Patrick Marshall


Phone: 740.283.8511

John A. Corrigan, Jr.

Clerk of Courts

Phone: 740.283.8583

Honorable Judge David E. Scarpone

County Court Judge

Phone: 740.769.2903

Honorable Judge Michael C. Bednar

County Court Judge

Phone: 740.264.7644

Honorable Judge Ferguson

County Court Judge

Phone: 740.537.2020

Dr. Michael Scarpone

Deputy Coroner

Phone: 740.283.207

James F. Branagan

County Engineer

Phone: 740.283.8574

Fred J. Abdalla

County Sheriff

Phone: 740.283.8600

Raymond Agresta


Phone: 740.283.8572