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Hats Off to Hauser’s Furniture!

The Chamber would like to congratulate Hauser Furniture Company, Inc. on giving the Ohio Valley its all for the past 75 years.
“The 75th year is, without a doubt, a true milestone,” Martin Hauser, owner, told us. “I am very grateful at being the caretaker for this momentous year.”
Martin’s father and uncle began the family business after returning from the European theater at the conclusion of World War II.
“Although my Uncle Sid only lived into his early 40s, he and my father, Paul, set things in place for the business’ success,” Martin said. “I have merely continued to ‘carry the torch.'”
Martin joined the business at 13 years old, during which time he was taught the fundamentals of the operation.
“Foremost in my tutoring was a devotion to customer service,” he recalled. “Frankly, in a small town, a business will only survive a short time without positive word of mouth. All of the advertising and merchandise and good pricing will only go so far.”
Martin has been devoted to Hauser’s success for over 55 years. During that time, he said he’s met and developed some wonderful, valued relationships with countless numbers of Ohio Valley customers. “The ‘buy/sell’ aspect is fundamental to the financial success. But, even more so, the interpersonal relationships that develop are what make the business flourish. That’s what drives a person to open the doors every day.”
Thank you to Marty and his entire crew at Hauser’s Furniture, for being a sterling example of the best that Jefferson County has to offer. We look forward to the next 75 years!