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Applications Still Open: Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Applications are steadily coming in for the county’s Covid-19 Emergency Relief Grant Program that was launched this past Monday. The process, so far, has been seen as simple and efficient. One Chamber member business, a sole proprietor, commented, “It was easier than I thought it would be. I used my checking account statements to show my expenses and just downloaded them from my online banking site to attach them to the application.” The Chamber has received many phone calls and emails with basic questions and also requests to have hard copy grant application packets sent via mail as well. Grant information and applications may be picked up at the Chamber offices and the Jefferson County Auditor’s office, located on the 4th floor of the courthouse. Chamber members may scan or copy documents, free of charge, at the Chamber during their regular business hours.

Businesses with no more than 25 employees and an annual 2019 revenue that does not exceed $2 million, are encouraged to apply. And non-profits with a 501(C)(3), (4), (8) or (10) status, may also be eligible.

The basic for-profit guidelines are listed below. Click on “Grant Guidelines” to read the complete eligibility requirements and to read non-profit eligibility criteria.

  • The business must operate for profit. (Businesses that are for-profit generally file an IRS Form 1040 with a schedule C, 1040-SR with a Schedule C, 1065, 1120, or 1120-S).
  • 2019 Revenue not to exceed $2,000,000
  • The business may be a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation (both S and C), professional association, limited liability company, or limited partnership. If a corporation, professional association, limited liability company, or limited partnership the business must be registered with the Ohio Secretary of State to do business in the State of Ohio. If a sole proprietorship, the business shall provide documentation of its existence as a business, including, but not limited to income tax returns for the business, trade name registrations, business banking or credit accounts, or similar documents. If a partnership, the business shall either be registered with the Ohio Secretary of State to do business in the State of Ohio, or, if not registered, shall provide documentation similar to that required for a sole proprietorship.
  • The business or headquarters for the business must be located within Jefferson County. The business must have a physical location in Jefferson County.
  • The business must have been in operation 12 months prior to launch of the grant program (for this purpose that is considered to be October 1, 2019), which at a minimum, may be evidenced by a filing on or before that time, of documents with the Ohio Secretary of State incorporating or organizing the business or evidencing operation of the business prior to that time.
  • The business must not be permanently closed and must intend to continue its business operations following the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • To be eligible for a grant in an amount up to $10,000, the business must employ no more than 25 full time employees (FTE). FTE’s for the purpose of this grant will be counted as one FTE per full time employee and one-half FTE per part time employee. For purposes of this criteria, “employee” shall mean an individual who (i) is employed as an employee who regularly works at least 20 hours per week and who is provided an IRS Form W-2 at the end of each calendar year, (ii) is independently contracted with the business, regularly works at least 20 hours per week and who receives an IRS Form 1099 at the end of each calendar year, or (iii) the principal owner(s) of the business, the sole proprietor, or partners, whichever is applicable, provided, however, that the principal owner(s) of the business, the sole proprietor, or partners need not be included in the number of employees if it would cause the business to exceed the maximum number of individuals employed.
  • The business must not be in receivership or bankruptcy.
  • The business must be current on all Jefferson County property tax obligations. All businesses will be required to provide the businesses’ federal employer identification number, or, if the business does not have a federal employer identification number, the social security number under which the business operates.
  • The business must be the primary source of income for business owners with less than 2 FTE’s
  • The business shall not be one of the following, regardless of its general eligibility under subsection (A) above:

Any business operating as an entertainment device or skill game arcade.
Any business operating as a sexually oriented business as that term is defined in Section
2907.40 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Any business that primarily sells tobacco products, cigarettes, electronic smoking devices, or
vapor products as those terms are defined in Section 2927.02 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Any financial institution that makes loans or issues credit to the public, including, but not
limited to, banks, credit unions, payday lenders, or other similar business.
Any pass through entities or real estate holding companies.

  • Approval and dollar amount will be determined based on eligibility requirements being met and other information provided on the application. Grant monies awarded must be used in accordance with both state guidelines and those outlined in the grant agreement.

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