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Annual Meeting and Dinner

Annually, in the fall, the Chamber of Commerce is required to hold a meeting of the membership to report on the activities of the preceding year.· The evening commences with a social hour followed by an appetizing meal. The business meeting follows and various reports are given. The enjoyable event is concluded with a well-known speaker. Past presenters were actor Charlton Heston, attorney F. Lee Bailey, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Ohio State University head football coach James Tressle, and TV weatherman Willard Scott, John Buccigross of ESPN, and Jerome Bettis of the Pittsburgh Steelers, to name a few.


This year’s Annual Dinner will be held September 30, 2013 at

6pm at St. FLorian Hall. The keynote speaker is Chris Speilman.


chris speilman-banner 1024

Pictured below:

Mary Lou Retton, keynote speaker for the Annual Dinner

that was held September 24th, 2012



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