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Safety Council Rebate Program

Eligibility Requirements

Enroll in local safety council by July 31, 2013

•  Find a list of Ohio safety councils at ohiobwc.com.

Attend 10 meetings or events between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014
• At least eight of the 10 meetings must be safety council meetings. Up to two of the 10 can be external educational options outlined below, but all 10 can be safetycouncil meetings.
• A person can represent only one policy number with his or her attendance at a safety council meeting or external training event.
The attendance of any employer representative qualifies to meet the attendance requirement.
• Employer has the option to gain credit for up to two meetings through attendance at BWC’s Division of Safety & Hygiene (DSH) safety training courses or industry-specifictraining or another safety council special event, seminar or workship.  Safety Council monthly meetings do not qualify for meeting credit for any employer not enrolled in that safety council.
• DSH safety training credit is available for training conducted at the Ohio Center for Occupational Safety and Health (OCOSH) in Pickerington or one of its branches.
• No matter the duration of the training or special event, attendance applies toward only one meeting credit.
• Safety training conducted at the employers’ workplace, online or required Drug-Free Workplace training does not qualify for the safety council rebate program eligibility.
• It is the employer’s responsibility to submit documentation to his or her safety council by June 30, 2013, for attendance at non-safety council training or events to qualify.
• Documentation must be an official certificate of attendance or transcript.

CEO must attend any one safety council sponsored function or meeting.
• CEO attendance counts as credit toward one of the 10 required meetings.
• If a CEO is representing multiple policy numbers, his/her attendance fulfills the CEO attendance requirement for all policies, but counts as meeting credit for only one policy number.

Submit semiannual reports for the 2013 calendar year

2-percent premium rebate.
• Employers meeting these participation eligibility requirements will receive a rebate of 2 percent of their annual premium.
• The rebate offer excludes self-insuring employers, state agencies and employers participating in BWC’s group-rating or group-retrospective programs. However, BWC encourages everyone to become active safety members.
• Employers must have active coverage status and no outstanding BWC balance to qualify.
• Employers who meet the participation requirements will be eligible for a 2-percent performance bonus rebate.
• BWC will calculate the performance bonus based on claims data.

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